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Greg Tilley's Pressure Cleaning is a locally owned and operated pressure cleaning company serving the Triangle and surrounding areas. We offer a multitude of pressure cleaning services, as well as other services upon request. At Greg Tilley's Pressure Cleaning, we are dedicated to providing the utmost in customer satisfaction. We also strive to develop a close working, long lasting and honest relationship with you, the customer. To take it one step further, you have my personal guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied, you don't owe us a penny.

Chapel Hill is more than a center of education, business, and culture; it's one of the most beautiful towns in an already stunning state! Between the bright blue of UNC, the green and brown forests, and the unique architecture of local homes and businesses, our town is an unforgettable sight. As a home or business owner in Chapel Hill, you undoubtedly take pride to live in such a beautiful community, and want your property to reflect that beauty. With roof and concrete cleaning from Greg Tilley's, your building can bring our town's already-high standards of beauty to new heights.

Concrete Cleaning Services In Durham

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Chapel Hill buildings rely on concrete for everything from sidewalks to wheelchair ramps to parking lots. If you let these structures become dirty, you not only harm the appearance of your property, but also make it difficult for people to enter and leave it safely. Greg Tilley's uses advanced pressure cleaning methods to wash every last trace of dirt and debris from these structures. We encourage you to call us as soon as you notice a problem with your concrete, as we will be able to clean it more quickly and effectively if we start early. But even if you don't manage to catch the problem at an early stage, we have the equipment and expertise to solve it.

From roofs to sidewalks to gutters to ramps, Greg Tilley's Pressure Cleaning is always available to keep your building safe and spotless. For more information on our Chapel Hill services, visit our website today.

The Benefits of Roof Cleaning for your Durham Home!

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As important as roof cleaning is to keep your office or house looking good, beauty is only one of the many benefits that you get from this service. Cleaning also stops debris from building up on your roof. This prevents it from grinding away at the shingles and gradually undermining the structure, allowing you to avoid making expensive repairs or even replacing the roof entirely. If a mold infestation has already taken hold, you are more likely to detect it if you clean away dirt, leaves, and other items that might hide it. This increases your chances of stopping the mold problem before it destroys the roof entirely.

In addition to cleaning your roof, our team of professionals will clean your gutters as well. This helps the water to drain freely from your roof, rather than build up around the edges, causing blockages. Not only does this further lower the risk of mold and moisture damage, but it improves your home's insulation. Whether you're seeking to save money on roof repairs, lower your electric bills, or reduce your environmental footprint, our roof cleaning services are the best way to achieve your goals.

Greg Tilley's company recently power washed our two-year-old home. Not only were we extremely pleased with the results, but with his staff. They were very courteous and took pride in what they were doing. I intend to have them back every year. Dick Knapp*
Governors Club
Chapel Hill, NC

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